automatische Gewindemaschine

Spezifikation: M12-M22

TOBEST Einzelspindel Typ vertikale Hubschraubermaschine M12 - M22 Innengewinde



Was uns auszeichnet:

1.High precision: the equipment automatically finds the center of the tapping, the thread precision is up to 0.03mm, and the thread depth is controllable.
2.High degree of automation: Automatically identify defective products, lead them into the isolation box, automatically identify the aperture, and automatically identify the tap wear.
3.Unbreakable taps: the whole process of tapping torque is monitored, and it will automatically alarm and shut down if the tap endurance is exceeded.
4.Small tolerance: own horizontal machining center, boring precision 0.005mm, non-standard parts are processed by yourself, tapping 65mm, runout 0.03mm.



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