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Modell Nummer: TB-25S
Service: Videotechnische Unterstützung, telefonische technische Unterstützung, Tür-zu-Tür-Service, professionelle After-Sale
Anpassung: Verfügbar
Anwendung: Trapezgewinde, metrische Gewinde, Rändeln, Spline, runde Gewinde, Nut etc.

Thread rolling machines as cold rolling is an advanced process without cutting, which can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the work-piece. The radial compressive stress produced during processing can significantly improve the fatigue strength and torsional strength of the work-piece. It is an ideal process with high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption. With 10 years experiences in this industry, as trusted thread and profile rolling machines factory in China, we have exported multi-function thread rolling machines over many countries such as Middle east, East Europe, East Asia, Africa and so on. Whether you are interested in our products? Please inquiry about Bolt threading machines through the website.

Modell Nein! Bild Spezifikation
TB-25S TB-25S Bolt Threading Machine manufacturer Durchmesser für der Gewinde gewalzt Mittel966;8-42/mm
Bereich der Pitch gewalzt 1.0-3.5P
Länge der Gewinde gewalzt In Futtermittel oder Thru. Futtermittel
Spindeln Geschwindigkeit 36/47/60/78rpm
Draußen Durchmesser der Walzen die Kombi-966;135mm-Kombi-6;170mm
Innen Durchmesser der Walzen die(keyway) Mittel966;54mm
Dicke der Walzen die 110mm
Min.center Entfernung zwischen die Spindeln 120mm
Max.Mitte Entfernung zwischen die Spindeln 240mm
Ausgang(PC/min) 5-35 pcs/min
Maschine Motor 3.75KW
Hydraulische Motor 1.75KW
Die höchste Futtermittel Druck 12T
Lieferung Spannung 380V 3P 50Hz
Gewicht(Referenz) 1700(KG)
Paket Abmessungen(L*W*H) 1600*1480*1240 mm
Abmessungen(L*W*H) 1500*1380*1140 mm

Die Eigenschaften der Gewinderollmaschine TB-25S:

1) Thru feed and in-feed are both available: The rolling time and the rolling length can be adjusted according to your requirements.

2) Die Schleifschrankübertragung ist stabiler, länger haltbar und hält lange Zeit stabile Genauigkeit.

3) The good transmission shaft makes the transmission without any jumping and stable when the gearbox transmit to the roller seat,so that the roller seat can ensure the precision of rollers.

4) The integrated hydraulic system feed is more stable and less noisy.

5) The dovetail type slide has high force, high stability and high precision.

6) Specially suitable for:,lead screws , ACME screws,automobile / motorcycle parts. anchor bolts,construction screw, all kinds of long length screws ....

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