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Steel bar straight thread rolling machine

Steel bar straight thread rolling machine is a sort of steel bar handling equipment commonly utilized in construction market in the last few years. It promptly as well as directly rolls the end of the steel bar at one time to create cold setting at the head of the threaded cable, thus enhancing the strength and also making the steel cord head the same as the base product. It consists of a structure, a clamping device, a feed carriage, a reducer, a thread rolling head, a cooling system, as well as an electrical system.


The string rolling maker makes use of reducing as well as rolling thread forming to achieve the function of reinforcement as well as thread processing at the end of the steel bar, which fixes the trouble of pretreatment of the end of the steel bar before processing, and the trouble that similar tools needs to be rolled lots of times, so that the on-site process processing as well as multiple steel bar handling are minimized, and also the on-site manufacturing as well as handling performance is improved; the string rolling machine can use one string moving head to realize rolling processing of different requirements of steel bars, which addresses the trouble of direct processing of steel bar finishes by similar devices. The steel bar removing straight thread rolling machine is an unique devices for processing the steel bar straight thread head. The end of the steel bar is peeled off by the rib removing blade, as well as after that the steel bar is rolled with 3 hollow string rolling wheels to attain the straight string of the steel bar.


1. It can be rolled after stripping the ribs of the steel bar. The precision of the thread account is really high, and also the uniformity of the size is likewise excellent;

2. It has compact framework, straightforward operation, and also the string processing speed is undoubtedly faster than other equipment;

3. We call its rib stripping gadget "fool kind", that is, it is easy to recognize as well as discover, and also the stability of the rib stripping dimension is very good;

4. The processing of the thread can be completed as long as the steel bar is secured once, and also the handling performance of the thread head is likewise really high;

5. It is extremely automated, can automatically raise the blade, instantly return, and the sound created by the equipment is additionally really tiny;

6. The top quality of its joints is secure as well as trusted, and also the toughness of the joints is greater than that of regular base products;

7. It processes a wide range of steel bars and inhabits less devices.

8. This is also one of the most vital point: the life span of the thread rolling wheel is long, as well as using additional costs for joints is likewise extremely little;