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Three Rollers Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

The hydraulic string rolling maker is primarily made use of for rolling numerous kinds of precision exterior strings, high-strength standard parts as well as huge pitch support screws, T-shaped screw and various other workpieces. The maximum rolling pressure is 180KN.

The features of the three-axis thread rolling device: the three-axis thread rolling equipment can be rolled after stripping the ribs of the steel bar, the accuracy of the string profile is high, and also the consistency of the size can be maintained;

The three-axis string rolling device has compact structure, simple operation as well as fast string processing speed;

The three-axis string rolling maker tool is very easy to find out as well as understand, and the security of the removed rib size is excellent

The processing of string can be completed just by one securing of steel bar, as well as the handling effectiveness of thread head is high;

It is highly automated, can automatically elevate the knife, automatically return, and the noise produced by the devices is little;

The joint high quality of the three-axis thread rolling device is stable and also reliable, and the stamina of the joint is greater than that of the common base product;

The types of steel bars refined by the three-axis string rolling device are fairly broad and also inhabit much less tools.

The three-axis string rolling device has a lengthy life span and requires much less additional cost for joints;

The three-axis string rolling device has complete functions: variable regularity power, approximate adjustment of the pin speed as well as automatic, semi-automatic, manual, as well as cost-free switching

Three-axis hydraulic thread rolling equipment is divided into: cam kind and also hydraulic kind, full tooth equipment, rolling device:

Three-axis hydraulic thread rolling machine Model: B-30.60.90.